Don’t you believe every piece of information which you come across on Facebook or whatsapp or any other social media platform, or whenever your friend tells you astonishing stories from personal grooming to astronomy? Well that happens with most of us. And when an incorrect observation is accepted widely, it becomes a false ‘fact’ and eventually gives birth to MYTH. So now it’s time to bring to light the most widely believed top ten myths

10. If you shave your hair, it returns thicker and faster

The same is believed for cutting hair at short intervals. But in reality, living hair lies under the skin and scalp, so cutting, shaving or waxing won’t change the texture or speed that it grows.

9. Men think about sex every seven second

This statement is commonly mentioned, where science is concerned, however, it has no factual basis. While we can debate whether men are more sexually driven than women, the ‘seven-second’ rule is pure fiction.

8. Thomas Edison invented the Light Bulb

Yes, You read it Right! Calling Thomas Edison the inventor of the lightbulb is false. A closer examination takes us to 1809, when Englishman Humphry Davy created an arc lamp. A decade later, Warren de la Rue bulit the first sealed lightbulb. Eight scientists and three patents later, Edison expanded on these ideas to create a longer-lasting cheaper product.

7. Humans use very small percentage of their brains
Top ten myths
This myth is quite popular and believed by many. Even the simple tasks require brain areas, anything complicated requires far more than 10% of the brain. So practically it is not possible to not to use more than that percentage.

6. Eve ate a bad apple

The forbidden fruit that Eve tasted in the garden of Eden is absolutely a matter of myth. Nowhere in the biblical story of Adam and Eve is an apple mentioned. It is simply called “the fruit of the tree that is in the middle of the garden”.

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5. Shakespeare wrote the story of Hamlet

One of the greatest playwright ever lived, even though most of his plays were not original but adaptations of earlier stories. Hamlet too, is one such famous play based on an ancient Scandinavian storyline.

4. Gandhi liberated India

Indeed Mahatma Gandhi was the most famous leader of India’s independence movement, yet it would be absolutely false to say that he actually liberated India from British. Instead India would have achieved independence sooner if they had focused on the more forceful methods that they had used 50 years earlier.

3. Jesus was born on December 25

25th December, Christmas is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus, but there is no evidence whatsoever, biblical or otherwise that he was actually born on that day. There are differing views as to why December 25 was chosen as Christmas day.

2. Brain cells can’t regenerate, if you kill one

The reason for this myth being so common is that it was believed and taught by the science community for a very long time. Perhaps, for this reason only we were told about this false ‘fact’ by our teachers also. But a study found that the memory and learning center of the brain can create new cells.

1. There is no gravity in space

Yes it is myth of course. There exists gravity in space – a lot of it. The reason that astronauts appear to be weightless because they are orbiting the earth. They at falling towards the earth but moving sufficiently sideways to miss it. So they are basically always falling but never landing.