Finally the wait is over and the famous Hindi sitcom is making a comeback. Sarabhai vs Sarabhai that aired in the year 2005-2006 is returning as a web series. The time has come when we can hear more of Roshesh’s absurd poems, Monisha’s silly middle class jokes; Indravardhan’s pranks and teasing Roshesh the whole time. Maya has her new list of criticising Monisha ready to shoot. Felt nostalgic isn’t it?

Well the confirmation of this come back came when Rupali Ganguly aka Monisha, started working on her physical appearance. She had put on weight after she left the show and got married. Later after conceiving she had put on much more. Now she has to go back to look our cute adorable and silly Punjabi kudi. The entire cast had a get together last year in 2016. The cast along with Producer J D Majethia celebrated ten years anniversary.

The producer also has now come out with the news of a come back in form of web series rather than soap opera. The viewers had shown so much support that they even are ready to volunteer that finance.

Well the actors have changed quite a lot as in their physical appearance. But they very well groom in their characters and would make this show hit again. The fans can’t wait any longer to see the drama of an upper class family with so much difference of opinions. Watching it over and again we will never feel bored. After we want to know how the family will be shown after a gap of ten long years. May be Roshesh is married to a high class girl who may criticize Maya. Well Monisha will be having a kid who is just a younger version of Monisha and her middle class habits.

So keep guessing…and keep waiting!