Shahid Kapoor who has wowed us by his charm and brilliant performances by far has little secrets dug. Well they aren’t secrets though but things about him which we bet you didn’t know. Today on his birthday we reveal them to you, check out how great fan you are and how many of them did you already know.

Shahid Kapoor


1. Shahid Kapoor is not Shahid Kapoor


Yes you heard me right. Like many actors who have their actor name different then original Shahid too has it different. Well it’s not the name though but Shahid Kapoor originally is Shahid Khattar.

2. His First Choice As Profession Was….
D A N C I N G.

Of course we all know how passionately he dances and he loves to do that. But who knew he was a trainer at Shaimak Davar’s Dance Academy. And that was it, he thought it would be the best career choice.

3. He Has A Great Film Background

Ya ya you might say that you already know that his father Pankaj Kapoor and stepmom Supriya Pathak both belong to the film industry. But anyway he is the step nephew of Naseeruddin Shah. And also his great great grandfather K.A. Abbas happened to be film director, screen writer, novelist and journalist.

4. He Is A Vegetarian By Choice

After reading the book ‘Life Is Fair’ by Brian Hines Shahid turned his ways to be a vegetarian and gave up meat. Not to forget he devours Biryani and is a big fan of Chinese cuisine.

5. Dogs? Yayyy! Horses? Nayy.

Shahid has not been a fan of horses. He has had a bad experience with a horse on the sets of Ishq Vishq and since then there’s no horsing idea in his head. But he has great time with dogs. He is a complete dog’s person. He even possesses one named Kaiser.

6. The On Screen Debut

No, Ishq Vishq wasn’t his on screen debut. He debuted as a chorus dancer in a Aishwarya Rai Bachhan starer ‘Taal’ movie’s title track.

7. Lady love in his life

Leaving Shraddha Kapoor, Alia Bhatt and Genelia D’souza there has not been a single woman with whom he has worked and not had love affairs with them. Be it Amrita Rao or Sonakshi Sinha. But anyways to your news Kareena Kapoor wasn’t the first he dated, it was Hrishita Bhatt. Who cares now that he’s happily married with his charming spouse Mira Kapoor.


Happiest Birthdayy Shahid Kapoor.