If you want to learn, read; if you want to experience, converse; but if you want to do both and make memories, TRAVEL. There’s a big blue world with countless adventures, never-ending list of places to visit and billions of people that you need to look forward to. Why travel the same routes every day? Just for once in life, take a chance. Rather than situations dictating terms, you make the calls of your life. Why not just pack your bags and leave for something that resonates with your soul and excites your mind? There’s world with boundless possibilities that awaits you and you should look forward to it too.

But only if life was that manageable. The first word that comes to mind when you say “travel” is friends and they are both, the boon and the bane. Getting them on-board is the toughest part of the job. On first times, you’d assume that planning and getting things arranged would be the toughest thing to do but you’ve never been more wrong in life and those presumptions are treated soon enough. At the slightest of inconveniences, they’ll abandon plans as if they’re sinking ships.

I’ve had the chance to do it and going by personal experience I can assure you, there’s no better companion than your own unaltered, un-judged and unanswered thoughts. The presence of another person almost ensures turbulence in your chain of thoughts. You understand the difference only when you’ve experienced both.

And hence I offer you my solution, Travel Alone.

Here are some reasons to travel alone that I found which you should consider before reaching your conclusions.

#1 The boost in self-belief

The biggest benefit of travelling alone according to me is the boost in self-confidence the individual gains. It makes you realize that you’re a lot more capable being than you thought yourself to be. You start believing in your abilities a lot more and take ownership of your decisions and their implications. You meet a hell lot more people and make new friends.

#2  The independence and flexibility

With no one telling you to eat at that old renowned restaurant that they read about online in an article like this, you can choose to go there whenever you want to. You can change plans at the last moments and still not have to convince anyone that it’s the better thing to do. You decide what’s exciting and what’s not. I don’t think this requires any further justification.

#3 You get to devour as many books as you want to

With no one to nag you in journey time, you can shamelessly dive into your favourite books which have been on the wait-list for a descent enough time period. Avoiding conversations is no more an issue because there are none. It’s just you and your peace of mind.

#4 You get to know yourself better

You hear your heart clearer and louder when there’s no other voice to flicker your attention. It enhances emotional awareness and you get time to rethink a lot more, that you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved and resultantly resolve issues that had bugged you since ages. It’s something that words don’t do justice to. It’s a journey like no other.

Solitude and loneliness are not always something that should be shunned and done away with, sometimes it is necessary and healthy. It teaches you what is inessential it strips it away and you learn what is truly important to you in life.

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