‘Thoda Hai Thode Ki Zarurat Hai’ It sounds really nice that we already possess things and all we need is bit more. But does it have any concern with happiness? Few may nod with agreement and few with denial. I belong to the denial team. I definitely believe that possessing things has nothing to do with happiness.

Always heard that we humans are unsatisfied creatures. We do not get happy even after all our wishes get granted because our desires are limitless. They never end. We always want more and more. So if you believe happiness is obtained by few materialistic possession then you will stay unhappy in your entire life.

If you go searching for reasons to be happy you won’t find any and instead you’ll end up cribbing about how life is unfair to you and you have no reason to be happy. You can create happiness then why not do the needful. I create my happiness and interestingly I don’t need things to let the curve on my lips flash bright.

A healthy time spent with my bestfriend, a chatter with my mom, a witty banter with my brother, a slumber at the sound of rain, the smell of my favourite novel, wandering alone or a drive, having a coffee at the grill of my balcony and pretending like it’s one Bollywood scene. Every littlest thing like these makes me happy.

It’s too easy to be happy but if you go searching for it then it’s everything wrong you are trying. Searching for happiness is like asking for oil to a sea full of water, useless right? Happiness cannot be searched or asked it’s just created. Live in the moment and you’ll find your happiness right a way. It’s you who decide for yourself to feel in a certain way. If you get stuck on one grieving page then how are you gonna explore different colours of your life.

Just Be Happy. You never need things. You are Blessed, blessed that you are living a healthy and good enough life. It’s all about memories, moments and cherishing everything that you are.