Winter is one of the difficult time of the year. Trying to cover yourself from head to toe, so that not even a little cold breeze touches you, trying to get up in the morning, who wants to come out of that soft yet warm quilt, but what is to be is to be done.

But there are definitely some perks of the winter season, here are some of the benefits of winter that will make u realise, it’s not that bad.


  1. “Chai Ki Chuskiya”

Tea must not be your favourite thing, but there is something different about it when you drink it in the winter. It’s a relief from the cold breeze, “pakora” with it is like a cherry on the cake.



  1. Cream….Cream “ICE- CREAM”

Ice-cream is everyone’s favourite. From the eldest person in the house to the youngest, nobody can say a no to it. And it’s all the more fun when you eat it in winter. Ice-cream makes long walks, shorter in the winter time.


  1. “Winter Snack”

Not everyone has a tooth for sweets, but when it comes down to winter specialities, sweets becomes everyone favourite. Whether it’s “gajak” or “til ke laddoo”, we all love it no one can keep their hands off it.

  1. “Coats and boots” 

It’s very heartbreaking that we can’t wear our favourite’s tops or shirts in the winter, basically, we can’t flaunt our favourite clothes at this time. But coats and boots are still the winter fashion. It’s elegant as well as the latest trend.

  1. “Adventure”


If you are an adventurous person, winter is the best time for you. Ice skating, high altitude ice diving, campfire with friends and family are some of the best things you can do. These are fun as well as a great experience.

If you’re done crushing about Winters, we have a huuuuuggggggeeee reason to love summers as well. Justin Bieber is coming to India in May! Don’t believe us? Read for yourself, here.