Our life revolves around INTERNET. News, Knowledge, Chatting, Shopping and what not. Well, internet has created a stage for entertainment as well. YouTube comes first to my head. Not only web series but short films, clips, and videos subjective to different topics which include girls issue, political satire, humour, awareness about a certain thing and so much more.

I swear YouTube is a saviour from all the melodramatic saas-bahu drama. It is loaded with all sorts of channels that brings out humor, entertainment, awareness, and emotions for real. Few of the YouTube channels also have their own apps. By saying that, TVF stands first in that list which started the trend of webseries from it’s popular webseries Permanent Roommates. Of course web series existed before that but this series created the trend.

TVF gave us webseries like Tripling and Pitchers as well. This YouTube channel has stuff which has lot’s of humor or an emotional connect with the audience. Alia Bhatt has also featured in one of the video which is all about ‘Breakup’. It has created videos which have epic conversations between a son and father. It has these series of video which is named ‘Mom Wars’. Imagine the content. How can we forget the humorous of all ‘Girliyappa’. The videos series of Girliyappa express the problems that girls face in their career and life. It has everything which connects with the heart of every girl with great humour added to it.

The best out of all in my opinion is ‘Why Hot Girls Should Have All The Fun?’ Mallika Dua and the other co-star leave you laughing till your tummy hurts. It’s just fabulous. This video starts with a guy checking out the hot friend of the duo and ends with tummy hurting laugh. You need to watch it right now.