ticket to finale week

Only few days are left for Bigg Boss season 10 finale and all the inmates are giving their level best to get the ticket for finale week.

With the introduction of ranking task as a build-up to the ticket to finale week task, the contestants were made to rank themselves in the order of 1 to 6 after mutual decision and claim their position by standing on a ranking podium. After several hours of discussion and arguments among inmates, the positions they got were as : Mona Lisa- 6th position , Manveer- 5th position , Manu Punjabi – 4th position , Nitibha – 3rd ,Bani – 2nd and LopaMudra – 1st position.

Contestants ranking themselves in order 1 to 6

The very next day Bigg boss announced the task for ticket to finale week. The task named as “Solar System”. The entire garden area is turned into a dark night sky and a solar system set up with orbits is placed there. The ticket to finale week is placed in the middle as the sun of that solar system.

A bowl with colored liquid is hold by contestants and they have to rotate around the orbits . Every time a contestant’s liquid spills and goes beyond the mentioned mark or if the contestant , due to any reason , slips or falls , that contestant will be out of the race.

ticket to finale week
The Solar System task

As Lopa had secured rank 1 in the previous task (ranking task), so she has been given an advantage that she will only join the other contestants when they reach the second orbit. The last two contestants who will survive till the end of task will become the contenders for the ticket to finale week and will also get a chance to have a final face-off at a mall in Mumbai. All four of them except Manu , Manveer and Bani got disqualified and later on , unfortunately , water from Bani’s bowl also spilled out and Manu Punjabi and Manveer qualify for the Ticket to Finale Week.

The face-off at mall between the two friends is much awaited to be seen.