It would sound stupid repeating things again and again but I cannot resist anyway. YouTube Rocks and well television doesn’t. I am sorry daily soaps. But today is Mithila Palkar’s day – Our YouTube Rockstar who made us believed by the series ‘Girl in the City’ that the flight of our dreams is not that hard to catch. The one who helped to calm our volcano when we were cribbing about how boring life is. She explained how ‘Little Things’ matter the most.


Here are 10 times when Mithila Palkar was just the girl next door

1. She was just as annoyed as any other girlfriend from her boyfriend’s irritating habits. We couldn’t agree more. She connected with us just a screen far.

2. She managed to break the stereotype that not every girl is just the same. Yes, we can buy gifts for ourselves and also PINK is not our favourite colour guys.

3. We couldn’t stop smiling or rather laughing because we are mainstream kinda siblings who obviously fight our remotes and every irrational thing. We are not siblings if we don’t fight.

4. Who wouldn’t love to watch the news with some entertainment flavour added to it? She made us watch news guys by ‘News Darshan’. Honestly, I wouldn’t watch the news if it wasn’t her. *Winks*

5. From the very first episode, ‘Girl In The City’ started feeling so apt. She lightens up the courageous side of ours to follow our dreams even when it feels far-fetched desire to accomplish.

6. The struggle when gets real we give up and break down. She managed to slide from the tough times aspiring for her dreams and ultimate goal. She taught us not to give up.

7. Meera stood for herself because when you’re right you gotta fight. If you don’t then no one else will. Th strong willed Meera gave us lessons for life.

8. The Maharashtrian Palkar when expresses her love for her state we couldn’t stop admiring her. She sweetly sings the ‘Maharashtra Desha’ and we are awestruck with everything that she is.

9. She is fierce. She is cute. Well, she is funny as well. Haven’t you seen her in ‘Honest Valentine’s Day’? It speaks all which your mind never was able to. Have a look at it now if you haven’t yet.

10. She made us fall in love with our life telling us that huge possessions don’t matter but ‘Little Things’ do. We can survive over little things. The series was all bliss and relatable.

Happy Birthday, Mithila. You changed lives positively unknowingly. We Love You Rockstarā¤